February 1, 2012

Information Gathering...

I'm a nerd, a keener, a bookie. {Ha ha.. not that kind of bookie!}. So, when we decided to do something like... Go work on a Yacht, I needed to do my research. Juliano wins 'King of the Internet' title for research, but I've done lots too! Here's some of the places that we look for information about yachting, the lifestyle and how to get into the industry:

I bought this book! It was pretty fun to read actually, and offered lots of great tips and information.

I don't want to make any recommendations about this life/industry until I actually experience it, but here are some of the resources that we've found online:

Dockwalk is the most active website, with great forums that answer loads of questions. It also has job postings for information, blogs and articles about the yachting industry.

The Triton is an online magazine with great information, articles and seems to keep the pulse of the industry.

Floatplan is great if you want to try sailing/yachting as a holiday. You PAY to be on the boat as a part of the crew. Usually the itineraries are really interesting {Amazon River?! Cape Town?!} and the boats and crews are smaller and more adventurous.

There's two types of jobs that we're going to be looking for Day Work and Permanent Positions. Obviously, we've not done this yet - so we'll keep you posted on how it goes. These are just some websites that let us know what's out there!

Lastly, we've been investigating training schools to take our certification courses

We'll keep you posted on how we use all of the these resources and more to as we embark ~ but, we just wanted to let you know that we're looking around and educating ourselves about this industry before we even leave Calgary....


Ps. If you know any yachties keeping up personal/travel blogs- let me know! I'd love to find more online friends :)

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