February 17, 2012

Stop Being Complacent!

House Update: We dropped the list price by $7000 in an attempt to speed up the process.

Honest Moment: I've been feeling really complacent lately.

With no offers on the house and not much going on adventure-wise - it's been easy to lose sight of our goal a bit and get comfortable with our lives here again... it's a trap I don't want to get stuck in. So, to combat this: I want to move forward with things we need to do anyways! I know the house isn't sold, but packing up might send out some good intentions to ol' universe...

I got all of our boxes from a nearby wine store... we didn't drink all that booze. Unfortunately.



  1. I had to drop my price a few times and it took forever but it was just "the cost of doing business". Good luck and yes complacency is no good.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement :) Selling our home is definitely not the easiest part of this plan...

  2. Good luck with selling your house! Its so easy to get complacent with things and stay with what is comfortable...


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