February 15, 2012

Books: Divergent and Fears

I just finished reading Divergent, by Veronica Roth. Did you know she wrote this at 21?! Crazy Kids. Anyways, I'm not a great book reviewer (far too biased) but I give this one two enthusiastic Dana-Thumbs-Up! I bought it as a 'beach read' for Mexico... but couldn't wait. That happens often.
You'll like this book if:
  • You like to read
  • You like YA Fiction
  • You like dystopian/future-y fiction
  • You liked the Hunger Games series
 But - the book touches on the idea that everyone has a unique list of personal fears. It got me thinking about mine. Read to get the spooks? Welcome to my fear landscape...

Stuck Under Ice
 Yep, I must have grown up in Canada if falling though ice is one of my biggest fears. Looking up at ice, and not being able to find the hole that you fell through?? Shudder.

Attacked by Birds
I hate birds. I hate their pecky little beaks and their beady eyes and their scratchy claws. Last year I saw a hawk swoop down and catch a sparrow - right in front of me. Traumatized. I also don't trust animals that eat their own kind. No loyalty to your own SPECIES? Heartless.

I don't think this one is very unusual... I'm also not sure if it's a fear - or Darwin's magic at work? Biology telling us not to do dumbass things. Either way, makes my palms all sweaty.

What are you afraid of?


  1. Hmmm, sounds like an interesting read. I am still in college, and I am terrified that I will not live up to my potential. And spiders. I hate spiders :)


    1. That's really honest - Thanks! I graduate just 2 years ago, and still feel the same sometimes...

      Love your blog :)

  2. I'm afraid of falling or loosing my teeth
    they are both really scary!
    great post :)


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