February 6, 2012

Cut the Bullshit

We try to strive everyday to cut the drama and bullshit out of our lives. I think there are 3 categories all of the people and events in our lives can fit into:

1. Bullshit - these are things that drag you down, or use up your energy in negative ways.
  • Other People that are emotionally draining to you. These people can be friends or family, but they cause you more grief than good. They continually stir up problems for you.
  • Outside Situations these are often necessary, and harder to control. Horrible commutes, filing insurance claims, getting speeding tickets. These activities just add to your stress load.
  • Yourself. Yep, this is usually the hardest to accept - but sometimes YOU are the eye of your own hurricane creating the drama around you. Own up to it.
2. Average - these are 'bullshit neutral'. You do them because they are part of your day, but they don't add any enjoyment to it, or take any away. For many, your job falls here, or doing dishes or eating.

3. Awesome - These things make you HAPPIER. They are people that inspire you and lift you up, surroundings that you enjoy, activities that move you. Fun times and unicorns.

Most people have too much Average. Everything is mundane, and life rarely changes. This is usually fine.

LOTS of people have too much bullshit. When you continue to be surrounded by bullshit situations, dramatic people and reflect that in your own actions... you end up with this:

The elusive 'majority of awesome' isn't free or easy. It takes work to cut out the things you don't want in order to get a good balance, and a happier life.

We strive hard to keep the bullshit quotient in our lives low. We identify and minimize our interactions with the people/situations that cause us drama and headaches.We fill our time with positive activities that move us toward our identified goals.

Cheers to goals, charts and awesome things!

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