February 22, 2012

Lin-Sanity: Focus & Go Crazy!

Have you been watching the awesome classic underdog story of Jeremy Lin? He's a nerdy Harvard grad, exactly the same size as Juliano, taking the NBA by storm. He was undrafted, sleeping on his brother's couch and waiting for his chance to step up. And he did. He hit 109 points in first 4 starts (games as a starting player) best all times in NBA (Better than Michael Jordan - Lebron James). People love him!

Juliano: He made the Knicks win -That's the most impressive since the Knicks suck!

Haven't hear? Check him out here or here or here.

You don't need to be a basketball fan to love this - we all go through our lives talking about being the best we can be - but few of us actually Prepare, Stay Focused and Go Crazy with the things we want to accomplish.  Best part of this guy? He's smiling and clearly enjoying every second of it. 

Things learned from Lin-sanity:
Always be prepared - Do you daily work and prepare yourself so when your opportunity comes up - take advantage of it!
Stay Focused - Study hard so you are mentally focus on your task

Go Crazy - Be confident and believe you can achieve anything and once your time is up -  Explode

Lin was a sidelines guy - with the skills and drive to be the best. Sometimes you have to wait for your opportunity - but when it comes along, you'd better be ready.

Until then? I'm buying the T-shirt:

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