February 21, 2012

Outer Space! Does the world seem big or small?

We saw the Northern Lights this weekend! It was Juliano's first time seeing them, and it's been years since I've seen them. They're stunning and transfixing and everything you think.
{Photo Source: I don't have the photography skills to take a picture of them!}

We were on our way out to the  Rothney Astronomical Observatory when we saw them.
The RAO is run by the University of Calgary, and hosts open houses about once a month. For $20 you get to listen to a presentation, look through their huge telescope, hold some space rocks and more.
The best part though? The local astronomical society members bring their personal telescopes and set them up for us to look through. They know so much about Space - and they're excited to tell you! It's so inspiring to watch people immersed in their passion. Here's some of what we got to see:

Does the world seem big or small to you? Sometimes when I read other travel blogs, or watch too much National Geographic the world seems SO HUGE and unsurmountable - I'll never see it all! 

Bonus: Have you seen The Scale of the Universe? So cool, give it a second to load....


  1. The world does seem huge to me sometimes, but small at others. I guess its perspective and occasion. I likely wont get to see the entire world (but more I see the more plans I make) but it is a worthy pursuit. Seeing the Aurora Borealis must have been amazing, its high on my list of things to see.

    1. Yep, that's about the same for us! The more you see the more you want to see... I guess it just serves to keep things in perspective for us!
      Aurora Boreal IS as gorgeous as everyone says... next stop NWT???

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