February 23, 2012

It's a Jungle out there: Amazon Sales

Ha ha... see what I did there? My Amazon pun? I'm so funny. Anyways...

I looove to read, and I usually buy my books {Don't heckle me about the library and how free and awesome it is! I have too many fines, and I'm to embarrassed to go back!} But it seems useless to keep BOOKS in storage so I'm selling them. I was actually just going to put them in my garage sale pile - but got a burst of inspiration reading this blog post.

I'm selling books on Amazon now! I'm a legit bookstore! 
I'll let you know how that goes. I'm a bit skeptical to be honest.

I realized while I was listing these that I mostly have text books. WHO WOULD BUY Linguistics or Religious Studies textbooks at a garage sale? ha ha ha... good call Amazon.

Side Note: Most of the these textbooks are SUPER expensive on Amazon! {I haven't been a student in awhile now...} So I undercut the price like a capitalist ninja to get mine sold.


  1. I would buy the Religious Studies text books -- it was my major in Uni!

    1. ha ha.. good eye. It was my minor actually! I loved it :)


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