January 31, 2012

The Man is our Sugar Daddy

This has come up a few times - so let's go there.... Are we leaving as some kind of counter-culture, anti-establishment sort of thing? Are we doing this to 'Stick it to the Man' and get away from it all?

Ummm... No.

Let's face it, if you've read our Money posts - you know that we both work full time 9-5 jobs. Also, you know that we live/work in Calgary, AB - which means that we both make our money from the Oil & Gas industry. (We're Canada's Houston!). People have differing views on the oil industry.

Ha ha... I'm just being funny. Some people in Calgary hate money - they like camping and not having jobs.

 Sigh, funny again. I'm aware that there are ethical consequences to our industry - but that's not what this blog is about. While I'm not even close to the 1%, I do live in a pretty privileged part of the universe - where White Girl Problems and Starbucks Gold Cards exist. {Yes, I have one - don't judge me!}

We built the fantastic life that we have through education, hard work, and {lucky for us} a friendly economy. When we moved back from Brazil in 2005 we were broke-ass, uneducated and living in my Mom's basement (thanks Mom!). This city has afforded us a lot of opportunities to become successful on our own accord. Several of those opportunities included working for 'The Man'. 

Working for large companies is not always a dream - but it has enabled us to make a life that we've wanted. And now, even as we move towards new goals, the same jobs will help us prepare. We couldn't do what we've done, nor could we do what we are planning without them. Some people have jobs that they love, and are fulfilling on many levels. If that's you - awesome. For us, it's not all sunshine and rainbows - it's often pragmatic verging on opportunistic. Not in pejorative way, just is.

Enjoy your jobs today friends ~ if you love your job, high five. If you love what your job is, high five to you too!

Side Note: If you hate your job everyday and it makes you miserable - no high five for you. You are the architect of your own adversity - make your self or your situation better!

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