January 30, 2012

Scuba Lesson One

Scuba kicked our asses. Seriously people, this is no joke. It's WAY HARDER than we thought! I was all "sure, I can swim - I'm a good swimmer! This will be a cake walk!" Ha.

We had our first Scuba lessons and we're exhausted and exhilarated! I loved it. We spend 4 hours in the pool, swimming around, treading water, equalizing and doing drills. Two of the creepiest:
1. Taking off your mask for a minute and just breathing your regulator. Sounds easy, but I've never worked to co-ordinate my breathing before!

2. SHE SHUT OFFS THE AIR. At the bottom of the pool, to simulate 'running out of air'. It feels like sucking and empty straw. Note to self: Don't run out of air.

I can't wait to go back!

Ps. We're taking our lessons at The Dive Shop Calgary if you're interested - they do a great job!

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