December 17, 2011

What about the Money?? How to throw it all overboard - financial edition!

Soo.. this is a big question that we get a LOT – “how about money?? How can you afford to do what you’re doing??” Go get a cup of coffee, because this is going to be a looong answer. Financial planning has always been a big part of our lives, our relationship (money contention is a top cause of divorce! Talk it out!) and this crazy life-plan we’re embarking on.

We've been reading soo many travel blogs lately - and gathering lots of great information! But the biggest difference, is that we are traveling with the intention of making money and not spending money. Obviously we'll still be spending money though - both out in the world, and here at home.
For us, there are some serious financial dynamics that influence our money ideas:

1.       We’re not young. Well… we are young – but not financially. Not young enough that retirement funds can wait and being broke-ass is still fun. We have a responsibility to our own future to be financially stable. We want to come home and have kids one day – and that costs money. WE NEED TO SAVE FOR THE FUTURE

2.       Broke-ass isn’t the goal. As I mentioned before, we’re not looking to stick it to society and go all counter-culture here. One of our goals is to be DEBT-FREE and not have MONEY AS A BURDEN.

3.       We’re cool with working hard. We get it – work = money is the simplest equation. Obviously the making money game can be done in MANY MANY ways, but for us, a combination of smart decisions and hard work is the plan.

With that in mind, here are some of the dollar-vague specifics of our plan. Please keep in mind this is the PLAN not the PROGRESS – so we’ll keep you posted on how things move along. Check out the Money topic to see all of our financially-themed posts.

How to throw it all overboard – financial edition!

Drum roll please.... Here’s what we did!

Step 1: Add up the Monthly Expenses – How much to leave behind?
Step 2: What do I need to SAVE? – How much to bring with you?
Step 3: Everyday I’m Hustlin’ – Find Money in your life.

** Side Note** I've mentioned before that I want to be brutally honest in the blog - and really let it be reflection of our choices, easy or difficult. Since the financial element of this was a big deal for us - we're going to break it all down here. If you want to know how to leave your life behind financially - get ready to embrace minimalism and hoard like a chipmunk.

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