December 11, 2011


So, we're travel junkies - who never seem to travel enough. We're also people with the full list of things that people 'should have'. So... pretty much not enough adventure, and too much debt. 

We've been tossing around ideas about what to do. Have babies and stay here? Get different jobs in our fields? Take on more debt and just travel? In the end, we decided that we want two main things:
1. More adventure. Travel. See the world we live in.
2. More money. Pay off debts, minimize expenses, seriously save for future plans.

I have an amazing friend who inspired us to the idea of working in the Yachting Industry. She was brave first and got a job on a yacht paying well! We decided that we found our solution. After some 'wouldn't it be crazy if...' back and forth, we decided to do it. 


I know.

Have you ever thought about what you have to do to leave your ENTIRE LIFE behind? It's a long list, and includes things like:
  • sell the house
  • quit our jobs
  • get certified to work on a yacht (so many courses!)
  • save money to pay for these courses
  • save money to leave in our account - some bills don't stop even if you move!
  • organize our rental property
  • cancel all of our services/utilities/cell phones
  • set up international banking
  • tell our family and friends ~ eek!
  • buy a one way plane ticket
  • find a place to stay in a yacht port
  • Think of the rest of the things you're forgetting...

We've picked Fort Lauderdale, FL as our starting point. It's a huge port, and all the courses we'd need to take are offered there. It's a good starting place, and not too far away.

Although all of the ideas I have about Florida are these:

Should be a good time...


  1. excited to follow yalls journey doing this! how inspiring!!!!

  2. sailing around the world and working on yachts?? sounds too good to be true! Good LUCK!


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