December 11, 2011

Inspiration and Adventure...

Ok Here Goes….

So, you're here because you think we’re crazy? You’re wondering what the hell we were thinking? Or you’re just curious? Well – welcome. I’m here because I have the memory of a goldfish, and am about to do some pretty awesome things. Also, so our parents a can see photographic proof we’re still alive.

Since this is the first post, I’ll start from scratch. Here’s the coles notes version of life we have:

  • Dana  + Juliano = Married people
  •  0 Kids, 26 and 30 years old
  • Dog named Mango that lives with my mom part time most of the time.
  • A Townhouse we own. It’s a very nice townhouse, I like living here. I painted it grey.
  • A condo that we rent out. Landlady D!
  • Successful jobs in the Oil & Gas industry: D in Real Estate, J as GIS Analyst (yep, I had to google it too)
  • A business at a local farmer’s market. Mr Esfihas!
  • Loads of awesome friends
  • Great family, within Calgary, throughout AB and Canada, even more in Brazil!

Too Legit to Quit you think? (ha ha.. see what I did there? MC Hammer.)  We have to stop and recognize that we worked really hard to get all the things we have. School… Work… Business… you name it. But once you work hard to get anything – does it mean you have to keep it all? What if everything that you’ve worked for, doesn’t really seem like what you want anymore? You see a lot of cheesy quotes out there – inspiring you to get brave and take the 'reigns of life’ like I’m Santa on the 24th. You also see a lot of people with long bucket lists and short lives. So that’s the start: a bit of unhappiness with our current life, too much debt and not enough adventure….


  1. Congrats on the decision. I did the same thing over a year ago, and had the best year of travel of my life! Look forward to the upcoming posts (once you get all the packing up and minimalism sorted). Good luck with finding a boat!

  2. It's always great to change it and start fresh! Nothing wrong with seeing the world while you can enjoy it, I did it and never regret it!! Excited to follow along with the rest of your adventures.

    1. Ellie - thanks for stopping by! I checked out your blog and we're leaving at almost the exact same time, can't wait to follow your adventures as well... India sounds crazy!


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