December 14, 2011

Kijiji-fication of our lives ~ Round 1

You know what I love? Kijiji. It's pretty much the best invention ever. Except that Ebay invented it, sooo... it's not exactly a family-feel-good story. Nevermind. It's just like craigslist, but less hookers.

 **Tip: If you are going to get rid of your suburban big-city life, become best friends with Kijiji. Strangers will come to your house, pick up the stuff you don't want anymore and GIVE YOU MONEY FOR IT. And you can spend that money on drinking with your friends staging your house for sale.

Check out all this sweet stuff I'm selling on Kijiji - hint: everything...

Everybody has junk in their house - sell it for drinking $$! And that's not even the big stuff :)

Winning Entry for Best Sale Ever on Kijiji? A bidding war for these Angry Birds costumes:

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