December 11, 2011

Places We've Been!

So, it's not like we've been complete hermits over our lives together! Even though we occasionally say things like we never go anywhere! that's actually not true.

During out time together (9 years! holy crap!) we've been to:

D+J ~ Riding Bikes on the F1 Track in Montreal
D+J ~ Riding Bikes on the F1 Track in Montreal

I've also been to Florida, and Beijing without Juliano... And Juliano has seen a lot more of South America than me - including more Brazil and Peru. What kind of travellers are we? Well, we're foodies and LOVE to find amazing and interesting places to eat! Also, we 'sports-travel' often, looking to go so amazing games of any sport. We love to visit family, travel with friends and go solo when whe need!

One big part of this adventure that we're considering is the travel opportunity ~ in fact is probably the number one motivation for me.

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