February 10, 2012

SPLURGE! Macbook Air

They finally arrived! Our little 11" twin babies! We're so excited, it's like Christmas day around here... Here's the scoop:

We had some problems that needed to be fixed:
  • Our laptop was almost 5 years old, and dying a slow dinosaur death.
  • We needed to be able to communicate to each other & home easily and simply
  • I want to continue keeping up this blog - photo saving/editing/organizing required
  • Juliano wants to create movies using his video camera - video editing required
  • I wanted to promote synergy with music, communication, email/Internet use, photos & videos
  • We needed laptops that fit in tiny spaces, and were light & portable

Solution: 11" MacBook Air for each of us! Yep, two of these sweet ladies are now part of our family. We bought them refurbished, so we saved some $$ while still getting awesome computers.

We're hoping that we will be able to:
  • Communicate with each other and our home through facetime or skype
  • Organize and share our pictures - update: we still have to use flikr to share them
  • Create fun movies using Juliano's camera or even iPhone videos
  • Share one iTunes account to enjoy music
  • Communicate re: budgeting and money through Mint
  • Loads more fun stuff and work stuff that want/need to do

Communication is a huge deal for us on this adventure - both to connect with our family and friends at home, and to stay in contact with each other as quickly and easily as possible. There may come a time when we're not in the same place at the same time - and we want to be prepared for that...

For now - We play around and Enjoy!

Update: Stupid Updates! I just deleted my entire itunes catalog while updating my iPhone to iOSX, in order to integrate with iCloud. Damn you technology. Damn you. Going to the Apple store today to see if I can fix it.

Update Update: Those guys at the Mac store fix everything. High Five!


  1. Looks sweet! I'm sure they will be great. Someday soon I'll get an apple computer I believe. I've got too many windows and Linux boxes laying around and I ought to get competent in OS X as well..

    1. Ha ha... it was a slow jump, aided by my love for my iPhone! Getting used to the Mac Book has been a bit of an adjustment {all the 'scrolling with your fingers options?!} but worth it.


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