February 3, 2012

House Update

This is the first time we've ever sold a house. Have I mentioned that? We've bought two, but never sold.

It's really nerve wracking! We are SO GLAD that we have a great realtor, who's helping us with every step of the way. She helped us with the staging, organizes all of the showings, and I know she'll be a star when it comes to negotiations!

We've had about 8 showings in 2 weeks, and we have 2 more tonight. We have to leave the house {in perfect condition} for an hour or so every time this happens. So.. we go on a lot of coffee dates :) I'm really hoping that we sell this month!

Side Note: Some of the realtors who've shown the property give feedback to our realtor. It's usually nit-picky stuff like this:  

"It is unfortunate that they have used peel&stick tile lino and laminate flooring in the majority of the home. However the layout is one of a kind for sure and that huge bathroom is a definite bonus! I think despite it's "average" rating my client still has put it on her short list."

I most certainly DID NOT use peel & stick lino! It was there when we moved in! I wanted to change it! Ha ha ha.. I can't take it personally, but it's hard when someone criticizes your home - no matter how accurate they are.

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