February 9, 2012

Scuba: Complete!

We're Done! Well, not quite. We're not ready to be full underwater treasure hunters like Mel Fisher, but we are ready to go for our open water dives. Mexico and your amazing Cozumel reef - here we come!

Scuba was A LOT of fun! We had a great instructor, at a great Dive Shop. The learning process was fast, but the PADI system really preps you for being out in the water. Also, watching how passionate our instructor was about everything made me want to go diving in Lake Minnewanka.... which, brrr....

See you underwater!


  1. Awesome, congrats! I did all the leading up part for scuba, the class, pool, exam, and then didn't quite get around to doing the open water dives. Terrible I know. I ended up right after the classes going on travel for several months and now 2 years have passed... I hope the scuba stuff goes well!

    1. Thanks Anwar!
      I'm glad we have our trip booked to get our open water done.... otherwise I can see how easily it would be to get distracted!

      Don't worry - you can always go back :)


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