February 13, 2012

SPLURGE! Video Camera Edition

Juliano has by dying to make videos for awhile now. We wanted a video camera that would:
  • Shoot in HD 
  • Shoot sports/fast action videos
  • Not need to be hand held (Helmet-mounted)
  • Waterproof/resistant
  • Easy to use/upload
  • Be small/light
  • Fairly indestructible for travel

We bought the Drift HD170 Stealth Camera to do the job!
Pros: All of the things above. Plus Juliano's happiness.
Cons: Hardly any... the mic isn't great - so voices have to be quite loud/clear to get heard. It only comes with a fish-eye lens, which is really cool for sports - and takes some getting used to for everything else.

There's a water proof case that you can buy as an accessory, but Juliano's MacGuyver-ing together a case for scuba diving. We'll post some videos here soon!

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