January 28, 2012

Roughnecks Lacrosse

Yeay - we're back to being Calgary Tourists! Juliano's brother is here for the month, so we've been pulling out all the stops to show him around Calgary [and most of Alberta!]. Next on the 'Canadian Things' list was a Lacrosse game. The Calgary Roughnecks tickets are lots of fun to watch, and the tickets are affordable ($30 ish).

We thought we were getting the best deal ever on front row seats. Buuuttt... we were right behind the home bench (yeay!) and had a BUTT VIEW of the team for the entire game (boo). We did get to see their trainers in full action though - these guys wear NO shin/knee protection.... lots of blood.
 Awesome Side Note: Roberto took a photo with the Drill Crew when we went for burgers after.

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