January 10, 2012

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - and trash?

Stuff Stuff Stuff! What to do with all our Stuff?! We have a lot of stuff in our house - and we have to start paring it all down now if we want a compact and well organized storage solution while we're gone. I admit that I'm not a naturally organized person, so this comes with a bit of hesitation on my part...

Our real question is what to do with our excess stuff that we neither want to pack and bring, nor save at home.
I don't want to send perfectly good things to the DUMP! So our solutions have started to become a mixture of recycling unusable things, and donating the rest! Charity organizations like Salvation Army accept donation of clothing and household items in good condition.

This may be a bit boring, but we'll keep you posted on how we deal with getting rid of our stuff!

Exciting News: Our home Stager is coming today to make everything pretty!

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