January 27, 2012

House Before & Afters

I love home decor. I think I'll miss it when we're away - creating a space that's comfortable and stylish and perfect for us is a great feeling... We've only lived in our house for a bit over a year, but we've made so many changes!

Take a look at some of the work that's gone into it:
Front of the house: Not much change... but this was the actual picture from the MLS listing!

Living Room: Mostly just paint, new window treatments, and some fresh colours... brown's not really my bag.

Fireplace: Another great one! I hate this green marble - and the bronze and oak accents only made it worse. High-Heat black paint toned down the 80s fireplace, and the mantle became glossy white. Yummy.

Front Entry: Less oak! The railings on the stairs were all painted out bright white. Also the house is a nice grey. Blinds were taken off the front door to let some light in, the glass was frosted instead.

 Kitchen:  Paint makes all the difference! We still have the same blah tiles on the floor - but less crap all over the counters and some sunny paint makes a big difference!

Dining Room: This was probably my favorite make over room. I made that chandelier, and I love our photo wall! Don't be confused by the photography... those are the same floors! Also - less furniture and a big mirror add so much space.

Master Bedroom: Paint only! Same drapes, same flooring - just with our stuff. We were lazy here. I had big plans - but no time.

Second Bedroom: And this is why I loooove Behr Paint + Primer. Seriously, who paints a tiny room the darkest brown they can get their hands on? It was a cave - and now it's a bedroom. Done and done.

Bathroom: Yeay!! My other favorite reno! This bathroom is huge, has a jetted tub - and was the ugliest thing to ever creep out of the 90s. Painted the bathroom, painted the cabinets, new mirror, new art. Amazing.

Basement: No change. We work out here too - just with less stuff.

And that's all of our makeovers in a year! We had lots more big plans - but now we're off to other adventures!

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