March 7, 2012

We're Divers now! Cozumel Mexico

Hello bloggy friends! Sorry for the absence, we are actually back from Mexico and alive! We’re trying to catch up on everything all at once – and as usual, it’s crazy. Anyways… about Mexico!

As I mentioned before, this trip was quite ‘sponsored’ by Dana’s family… so we got all swanky with our travels and indulged in some of the luxuries of all-inclusive vacations. {thanks mom!} Aka – food. And Drinks. And Food while drinking.

 We stayed at the Now Sapphire, which is officially in Puerto Morales – close enough to the Cancun/Cozumel area that the diving was amazing, but far enough away that the ‘senor frogs/girls gone wild’ crowd wasn’t around. {Family trip people!}  The resort was gorgeous, the rooms were big, the food was delicious.  

It took us 2 days of 2 tank dives to get certified. The first at a the reef just in front of our hotel.
The second was our Cozumel day trip! Juliano & I both got PADI Open Water certified, aka. we’re legit! And, now I don’t have to take off my damn mask every time I dive. WORST SKILL EVER. It was our first time diving a reef and I was blown away at the beauty underwater. 
 Inhabiting a world where there are so many directions of movement was breathtaking, just looking up to meters of water and fish swimming above you is crazy. I looove scuba diving and can’t wait to go more! I’m addicted!

Best Meal
The guys went fishing and a red snapper was caught. It was brought back and cooked up for us in the swanky French restaurant - when ‘catch of the day’ is really caught that day?! Delicious. Juliano and Jon didn’t quite fare as well on the fishing trip through… a bit too much ‘high seas’ for them…
 Honorable mention: beach tacos and drinking. Are margaritas a meal? Yes my friend, yes they are.

Beachy goodness
The rest of the time was spent indulging in massages, walking the beach and playing volleyball! Cheers to holidays!

This trip was a great way to spend family time, especially with our big plans underway. We won’t always have these people around us as closely as we’d like. But thanks to skype, emails, macbooks with facetime and lots more technology… we’ll still be in their faces – whether they like it or not!

Bonus: Juliano scuba-tebowing. Enjoy.

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