March 9, 2012

Overpackers Anonymous: Backpack Time

Friends, I have a confession to make. I am an overpacker. 

Yep, I almost need a Sherpa to go on an overnight visit, and know for a fact that if you pay five zillion dollars to upgrade to first class – there are often no luggage restrictions.
 But – I am in recovery. I am trying hard to mend my ‘but I NEED 8 bikinis! I don’t like to wear wet ones!’ ways. Example A: My Mexico suitcase {Yes, we brought real ‘wheeled’ suitcases. It was LUX trip.}
 This was my attempt at ‘packing light’. Seriously. And guess what?? I wore ALL OF IT. Not good.

In that I am recognizing there is a problem here I have to face some facts about our new adventure:
  • I can only bring a bit of stuff – boats don’t have much crew storage
  • I don’t even want to OWN that much stuff anymore
  • I would like to carry-on everything all the time
 Carry on everything!? Yep. Why not go cold turkey? I’m going from a pampered resort traveler to a full on backpacker. Here’s what I currently carry-on with me {a little better – give me some credit!}
 Not too bad. Actually most of this will stay in the ‘keep’ pile. The wallet & travel wallet will merge, and my macbook air will be added.

Now that I've recognized the problem....

It's time to start looking for a travel pack.

We’ve started looking around to find the perfect backpacks for our adventures, as the ones we have now are too big {originally bought for our trips to Brazil}. And I think we’ve narrowed it down to the Osprey Farpoint 55.  Here’s why:

  • It has a removable daypack
  •  The base part works a carryon item {day pack is worn as personal item}
  • Front panel loading to put all my crap nicely
  • Backpack straps zip into a carryon style suitcase
  •   Seems well received by other travelers {like this + this + this}

What travel pack do you use? Do you like it? 
What bag would you buy if you were purchasing tomorrow? 
We still have a bit more time before we buy, but I want to know what you love!


  1. I over pack, way too often, but then again a lot of my trips are tacked onto business travel. I have a similar Osprey pack, one of the porter series, and it's pretty good. I like the zip-away straps, as its good for putting on buses and planes. Although don't expect the straps to be as comfortable as a real set of suspension straps, especially the really nice ones on Osprey's regular backpacks.

    1. Glad to hear the Osprey works for you! Since we'll be on boats (hopefully) we don't need to do much 'actual' trekking with the packs... so we're fine without the suspension! Overpackers unite

  2. Love these packing tips and the photos, I am an over packer too but I am going to try and pack lighter :)


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