March 30, 2012

ARGH! Frustration and a House

Our house deal was supposed to go firm today - but our deal fell through. The buyers decided not to go through with the purchase and backed out. Argh!

We're frustrated, disappointed and trying hard not to be angry. We've sold a bunch of stuff, booked a storage locker and redone our budgets in anticipation of a mid-April possession... and now it looks like we're back to showings and waiting. Waiting and showings.

Feels like someone threw an ice-cold bucket of negativity on our excitement. Tell me friends - how do you stay motivated and positive when nothing seems to be going your way??

** Update: Okay, sorry for being such a downer friends! I wrote this last night... but even today I'm feeling much more cheery. I've found a short term solution:

[1] Put the sign back and move forward!
[2] Go to Dairy Queen and get a mint Oreo blizzard.


  1. You're in Calgary! The phone number on the sign gave it away and of course now I've read your About page and seen the grand adventure you guys are planning. Kudos to you guys - it takes guts to toss this life aside and try something new - I know b/c that's how we ended up here in Calgary also. We returned from our RTW in 2010 and then moved here a few months later. We're busy, busy saving and trying to figure out where to go next. Drop us a line if you want to grab a beer sometime - there's a few of us travelers/bloggers in town who meet up once in a while. Good luck with the house! It'll happen - if it was easy, every one would be doing it!

    1. A secret society of Calgary travel bloggers?!? Yes, I want to join! I'll email you soon :)


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