September 10, 2012

Eye can see!

Soo... after I blasted out my blog to my friends and family here, my mom helpfully pointed out that there are things on the Champagne List that are done and you haven't blogged about them! Thanks Mama.

Anyways, remember the Champagne List? It's a list of things that we'll drink Champagne to celebrate as we get closer and closer to our departure date. And on the list... DANA GETS EYE SURGERY. I'm quite blind, and I don't want to have to deal with contacts and glasses and eye exams while I'm out and about in the world, so here we go. My last day with glasses:

I signed myself up for a consult, asked my brother (who got it done last year) how it goes, and put my name down for surgery. After about a billion people poking and prodding at my eyeballs, getting a million different drop that did weird shit to my eyes and vision... the doctors spoke. Implantable lenses it would be for me. With some very generous help from my Mom (full disclosure: 100%), I can now see!

Something funny? They filmed my eye surgery. I'm not posting it here because its just freaky weird medical stuff, and really - we are that kind of friends yet...

{Okay, fine - since you asked. Actually I'm too lazy to upload my video, so here is my brother's if you really need to see it. You've been warned.}

Have a good day - enjoy seeing the world around you in whatever way you can :)


Ps. I got my eye surgery done at Gimble Eye Centre in Calgary, Alberta. I highly recommend it for anyone looking into the same thing. They were great with everything and I have better than 20/20 vision now! Despite our awesome Canadian heath care system (not being facetious) You still have to pay $$ for this unless you have cataracts or something. It's not cheap so have your mom pay for it if you can..


  1. Definitely one less thing to worry about on the road! Thankfully I can see ok without my glasses (they aren't vanity specs like we see everyone here in Asia wearing... seriously, we can tell you have no lenses in those things, people... but my vision isn't atrocious without them), but I really like the ones I have so I toted them along. Haven't regretted them, but one less thing to worry about is a good thing (though surgery is probably pretty worrisome... but it's that short-term/long-term tradeoff, right?!)!

    1. Hey Steph! After years of glasses/contacts the idea of 'vanity specs' really holds zero interest from me! ha ha... as long as it's not a problem for you - then great! For me, I guess I just didn't want the hassle of contacts around the globe!

  2. Ooooooh, can't imagine trying to deal with that on top of everything else while travelling. Glad you (and mom!) were able to get this taken care of before you go!!

    1. Yep, Thanks mama! Ha ha... just one more thing on a long list of things... you know that better than anyone :)

  3. I really wish I could get eye surgery. I am far sighted and apparently that means my only alternative is contacts - which I really need to look into because I`m wearing my glasses all the time now.

  4. I watched the video. I was rather amazed than freaked out with the surgery. This is exactly why I watch medical documentaries because I want to know how far our medical technology has gone. =)

    Cami Hood


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