July 26, 2012


Hey Friends! 

Brief Interruption: I disappeared again for a bit - I guess 'the internets' spooked me out a bit. I started this blog using my full real name without thinking too much about it, and recently several casual acquaintances and friends have found out about the blog (not too hard really). It has always been my intention to let all of my family and friends know about the blog... but being 'outed' about the blog spooked me, and I was avoiding it for a while (can I get a woot-woot from the other avoiders out there?!) On the the fun stuff:

After the negotiations in the pub in Portland - we had to run off to an Office Depot…. 

But - You're dying to know if we made our millions selling the house! So, drum roll please….


After lawyer fees, real estate fees, negotiations with the buyer and all that jazz... That's how much we made selling our house. I know, don't spend it all an once, right? It was a hard process that we alluded to HERE and HERE and even HERE. And in the end we shared our excitement over selling HERE! That was a fun day. After all was said and done, we broke even - coming out just a squeak ahead!  

We sold our furniture. We donated our clothes to Goodwill. It's crazy how much stuff people accumulate when living in a set place for what they expect to be an indeterminate amount of time. We're still culling through it, scaling back and cutting down. The good news is that seeing your 'stuff' in boxes on the floor of your mom's basements sure adds perspective to their worth. It's simplicity time!! 

Cheers, until next time!


  1. Hey, $275.99 profit is better than the same amount in deficit... I say you take the money and run! ;)

    Also, I am *SO* glad that our packing/selling/donating/tossing stage of pre-trip preparation is done. Although cathartic, it really is shocking how much crap you can accrue (and we only had 700 sq ft!). I am so glad to have gotten rid of all that clutter, and I REALLY hope that I can remember that feeling when we get back from our trip. Minimalism all the way!

    1. Yep, you guys are right - $275 is better than a loss!
      And the 'getting rid of stuff' process is sooo long! I'm glad we're coming to the end of it now!

  2. I agree with Steph, at least you made a profit!!! :)


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