April 20, 2012

Messing with Texas

Hey Friends!
With most things on hold around our Calgary life (house is still on the market!), it's been quiet on the 'let's leave our homes and live on a boat!' front. We're still planning our mini-road-trip, but now something else popped up!

Next week - I'm going to Houston for work!

On it's own, that's not very exciting. But, in stealing a page from John@TravelRinseRepeat I'm going to try to make a boring work thing into a travel opportunity! Why?

I'm in Houston, and I'm a tourist here, Works is paying for me to stay in a swanky hotel, I have a rental car to get around... Although...This being a work trip, I have to work most of the time. So - I need your help! If you had several evenings and a weekend in Houston, what would you do?? NASA? Eat steak? Let me know!


  1. Everything's bigger in Texas! Have fun! can't wait to read up on your adventures!

  2. I never actually made it Texas when I did my RTW in 2004 and deeply regret it. I look forward to reading about your adventures in the weeks to come.


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