March 28, 2012

Girl Trips vs. Guy Trips

When you think of going on an 'all girls' or an 'all guys' trip what kind of stereotypes do you think of?

Is it all girls drinking martinis in NYC while guys get drunk and do stupid things in Vegas?

Or is it of women being hit on in night clubs while guys are off fishing on a quiet lake?

As the majority of our friends have gotten married in the last 5 years or so, stags and bachelorette parties have entered the picture, as has the conversation about gendered-group trips. Some of my more conservative friends and family are often surprised that I 'let' Juliano go on these trip, or that he 'lets' me go on them... Ummm... LETS? The main discussion we have before a trip like this is financial. Can we afford to do this? Fair Question. Will you be safe? Fair Question.

We've been together 9 years now {holy crap!}, and traveling without each other has been a sticking point for a long time. Is it fair that you get to go and I have to stay home? Most of our contention had more to do with travel envy than giving permission to do anything.

To me Letting Someone insinuates a serious lack of trust, and assumes some bad intentions. Although being married {generally} comes with the bonus of a built-in traveling companion, it doesn't mean that it becomes your only option! Traveling in girl/guy groups can be a lot of fun - but if you are in a relationship, have your boundaries and expectations clearly defined before you leave home.

I might be looking through rose-coloured glasses, as I've never had any problems with these types of trips - although I'm sure they exist...
  • Do you take separate vacations from your significant other? 
  • Do you think girls/guys trips are a good idea or a bad idea? 
  • Does the location of the trip make a difference - we can clearly see the difference between Vegas and a fishing town - but does it affect your opinion?

Let me know what you think!


  1. i completely get this! i dont know how to travel without my boyfriend. sometimes i wish that he wasnt such a traveler and it would make things easier ya know!?

    but all in all, sometimes you need an alone trip, and sometimes you just need a girls trip. and i just tell him that and he 'understands' ;) i think it is sometimes important to see the city with a different person because it might enlighten you in a unique way or give you a different perspective. but at the end of the day, the guy knows they are the best travel companion :)

    1. Ha ha... I think you're right on that one! He does know that he's my favorite travel companion - so it's not such a big deal if we go out on our own!


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