December 19, 2011

Official No Complain Week

We are the Architects of our own Adversity...

Like most people, we complain too much. In an effort to take control over the 'temperature' of our life - Juliano suggested we institute a 'No Complain' week! It starts today - and I'm excited!

Rules are simple: No Complaining, whining or bitching about anything. Penalty for a complaint? A compliment issued in the same direction. If you complain about traffic being bad, maybe you should appreciate that you have a car to drive!

Trust me these, simple compliments hilarious to come up with - but really force you out of a cycle of negativity. We didn't actually intend to choose Christmas week for this - but it's going to be an extra challenge... Here's why:

- it's Christmas
- Lots of extra driving
- Out of town family and friends are expected
- We have some business logistics to iron out
- We're taking care of our dog (usually lives with my mom - we love him so much, but he can be work!)
- This seems small, but Juliano's blackberry is on the fritz. (If you've been 'butt-dialed' by him this week - sorry! ha ha)
- We still have to work the regular week, and we commute both ways

All of these things could potentially add some extra complaining into our lives (yes, you can even complain about good things!) - but this week it's all positivity (even if it's a little forced...)

We'll let you know how it goes!

** The Jingle Horse is just for added festivity**

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